Manufacturing Services

We are proud members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Wisconsin Manufacturers Association and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Ken Cook Co. supports the manufacturing industry through the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), participating and sponsoring the annual Product Safety Seminar, providing leadership in the planning committee, developing operator safety training programs and hosting storefronts for manuals and training materials.

Safety and Procedure

Employees benefit from clear and concise instructions regarding Standard Operating Procedure with process and machinery. Investing in your workforce through comprehensive training programs and detail-oriented print materials that support certified training will help to reduce the cost associated with downtime and production errors. Our focus is to support you with education and safety messaging improvements within your workforce.

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Multitude of services

Empower your workforce and educate your buyers by taking advantage of our many offerings. Here are just a few ways we have helped many of our customers in the manufacturing industry.

Typical Services for Industry Include

Content Creation and Enhancement
Creating enriched and engaging content for new and existing training materials in the form of print or online courses is important to improve learner experience and retainment.

Print Order and Fulfillment
Our bookstores are built with your audience in mind, be it dealers or retail customers. Your end-user will be able to easily access and select items for purchase within our secure bookstores. After purchase, our automated process will allow for immediate fulfillment to various multimedia options for output, print, digital copy, archived copy, or cloud retrieval. 

Single or Bulk order
With your audience needs in mind, we make various quantity options available. Feel free to order a single manual or maybe enough for a classroom size. We build options into our bookstores that serve your customer’s needs.

Safe and Secure Online Transactions
Assurance that your transaction is safe. Our secure online bookstores are proven to safe guard transactional information and user profiles to protect you and your end-user.

Data Reports Available
More than just an eCommerce bookstore, we offer a multitude of reporting data. This is an invaluable resource used to enhance offerings, strengthen products available, and reflect on constant improvements.